7 Sarcastic Things Yoda Would Say About Helicopter Parenting


I had the opportunity to interview Yoda from Star Wars, asking him advice on parenting as research for my newest book.

I asked him why he thinks so few Jedi warriors can be found these days. Of course, he quickly replied, “Children I do not have, but advice for parents I have plenty.”

He gave me these 10 reasons why parents aren’t raising Jedis like they used to. But I think he was feeling a bit snarky. At any rate, enjoy!

  1. “Protect your child from inconvenience and failure, you should. Grow in fortitude and resilience, never will they.” 
  2. “Touch a lightsaber never should they. Dangerous are Jedi skills.”
  3. “Award you should, participation ribbons. Celebrate you should, mediocrity.”
  4. “Intervene you should, when low school grades they get. Helpful is it. Dependent forever on you, will your child be.”
  5. “Entitlement you should teach. Owes them a living the Force does.”
  6. “In your basement should they live–into their 30s they should well be.” 
  7. “Coddle them you should.”

“Follow these simple rules you will, then Peter Pan your kid will be. The Dark Side will he join….Finished I now am.”

Okay, well there you have it… seven pieces of wisdom for us parents to live by. Said it better I couldn’t have.


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