Yuck. I hate talking about patience!

Whether you’re waiting on traffic lights or the fulfillment of dreams, you still have to wait. No one is born with patience—just look at newborn babies. They have zero tolerance for hunger and discomfort.
I can be a big baby too. I want instant everything, especially with my kids. Perhaps you share my frustration. Just trying to get your little ones out the door in the morning can be a test. Shoes can’t be found, hair won’t get combed, lunches are forgotten. If patience isn’t already in us, it’s going to show, and it won’t be pretty. Yet even in the midst of these annoyances, the Lord can mature us. 
We need to understand impatience is about not trusting God. For me, embracing that fact was like trying to insert contact lenses on a roller coaster. It took me a long time to finally get it right. I just couldn’t seem to understand how impatience had anything to do with a shortcoming in me. Wasn’t it about other people or things slowing me down? After all, I wouldn’t be so impatient if it weren’t for things like my outdated mobile device slowing me down, keeping me from being efficient.
The Lord in his mercy finally helped me connect the dots and repent. My problem was I didn’t think God was doing a good job at planning my day. I didn’t trust his sovereignty and control.

While most of our irritations are minor and short-lived, some can stretch over months or years. It can be tremendously significant when it involves illness, financial trouble, or a strained relationship. Being at the feet of Jesus during these times can fix much more than if we’re hanging in the kitchen with Martha trying to do something productive. In desperation we might give God deadlines, but he rarely works on our timeline. One sign of spiritual maturity is the ability to calmly abide during the stress of temporary irritations or prolonged hardship. It’s a great testimony of your trust in the Lord and teaches your kids the same as they watch your response. What things make you most impatient…Id love to read your responses.

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