Independent Dependant

Tomorrow we celebrate Independence Day. Our freedom from England. Several years ago I recall helping my young daughter celebrate freedom by allowing her to walk home half a mile from the grocery store alone...for the first time. She was 13. Was I a little behind with that? Is 13 years-old too long to be just then... Continue Reading →

The Pilgrim’s Fountain

A small peek into my recent mission trip to Spain. SPAIN-- The pungent odor of cow manure fills the air as travelers walk the Camino de Santiago (the Way of Saint James) past dairy farm houses toward a hostel named La Fuente del Peregrino. The name means The Pilgrim’s Fountain. It’s just one of many... Continue Reading →


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Dirty Little Secret

Good Saturday morning! It's the weekend and I thought I'd send a quick moment with you all before breakfast. Just when I think all the hub-bub about The Single Dad Detour is over. Just when I've resigned myself to embracing that it will be shelved and forgotten amidst the myriad of other dusty, countless books,... Continue Reading →

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